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Αερόψυκτος μίνι ψύκτης με Inverter και αντλία θερμότητας

χαρακτηριστικά προϊόντος

  • Top product in terms of energy efficiency and operation range
  • All capacities available in 2 versions: standard version and version with OP10 option (no freeze up of water when not in operation thanks to the water piping heater tape)
  • Amongst the most quiet units in the market (63dBA - sound power)
  • Built-in Hydraulic kit: no buffer tank required, standard inverter driven pump, main flow sensor and switch included.
  • Standard wired remote control enables setting of different set points (cooling, heating, water leaving temperature) or based on outdoor conditions (weather dependent control). It has an alarm history, night time noise reduction function and is language based.
  • Εύκολη εγκατάσταση και άμεση χρήση
  • Weight reduced with 20% compared with the previous models.
  • Μονοφασική παροχή ισχύος και ελάχιστα ρεύματα εκκίνησης κάνουν την μονάδα ιδανική για οικιακές εφαρμογές

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